What Our Grads Say

Esthetics Graduates

"I loved every minute! I got to learn while making new friendships and enhance my credentials…I had a wonderful experience.

Michelle R. - 2010 Graduate A Different Concept Day Spa, Medford, MA

"I graduated Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics in 1999. It was more than I expected and the experience was amazing! I worked for EG for 6 years before moving to Michigan. With the training I received at EG I surpassed what the state requirements were for esthetics and I have unique and specialized training that they don't have available in MI. My clients comment on my techniques and knowledge often and I have the teachers of EG to thank for that. I HIGHLY recommend this school to anyone looking for a rewarding career. I'm 12 years into mine and looking forward to many more!

Jennifer C. - 1999 Graduate Brown & DeLine, Ann Arbor, MI

"I learned so much from all of the teachers and continue to use my knowledge in everyday life while working in this field.

Jessica S. - 2010 Graduate Elizabeth Grady, Burlington, MA

"I attended the full time 600 hour program for Esthetics in 2003. I still keep in touch with three great friends I met there and have so many excellent vivid memories. I think back to my schooling at Elizabeth Grady and am always so glad I attended this particular school. I've worked in Chicago the past few years at both spas and medical spas and have missed Elizabeth Grady so much it actually surprises me. The educators were beyond exceptional, the location was gorgeous and a great size and overall it left me feeling completely prepared for my future esthetic career.

Kelly W. - 2003 Graduate Chicago, IL

Massage Therapy Graduates

"Elizabeth Grady School was introduced to me on my journey, searching for the right Massage School for me. People with a great vision are the spirit of a great place. Elizabeth Grady is this special place that creates an amazing learning experience, integrating the wisdom of knowledge with the power of healing touch through positive thinking, compassion, and open heart and mind. My great teachers brought everyday to class their passion and love for their profession, and allowed us to explore our unique potential through their teachings. I received endless support and encouragement and I always felt safe and protected. My journey at the Elizabeth Grady School exposed me to enriching growing experience not only as a professional but also as a human being. As a graduate, I am no longer in school, yet the school and the teachings are an integral part of my every day life.

Avi Tal - 2010 Graduate


After having thoroughly researched and compared all local schools prior to initiating any program, I am very pleased and proud to have graduated as an Elizabeth Grady certified Massage Therapist. With a curriculum and course structure with great diversity and teachers with various backgrounds, Elizabeth Grady School of Massage Therapy’s certification prepared me exceptionally well for my future work in this profession. In addition, by offering a schedule with nights and weekends being an option it made it possible for me to achieve my goal.

Without Elizabeth Grady I would not be the successful massage therapist I am today, of that I am certain. And even until this day, almost four years later, when I have work related questions I still turn to them and can expect highly professional assistance in return. Elizabeth Grady is more than just a school where I once was a student—they will always be a part of me and the professional Massage Therapist I am.

Marie Aspling - 2007 Graduate - Owner of Balans, Boston, MA - www.bostonbalans.com

"The pedagogy at Elizabeth Grady has played a major role in my development.  It took me a while to really trust that my instructors have taught us enough to let us practice on clients and that the program was refine enough to provide us with the right tools.  After about half way through clinic, I can see that the classroom sessions provided only the necessities for us to go out and practice.  The rest of the development is based on the actual experience. I believe that this what the program is designed to do.  With that revelation, I understood the method behind the program and when there was doubt I was comfortable waiting to see how it plays out and placed trust in the program and the instructors.   The support and guidance from the instructors outside of the curriculum were also instrumental to my development.  There were times when the nerves and uncertainty would get the best of me, and the instructors were there to share their experience and provided me with assurance and affirmation.

This is my first training/education of this nature so I don’t have a basis for comparison, but this experience has been valuable to me on some any levels.  From an individual level, it has provided to me a means to step out of my comfort zone.  At the professional level, I feel like I developed a new set of tools not just from a massage therapy standpoint but from an overall business standpoint.  Lastly, from a health and wellness standpoint, this experience provided an opportunity to practice what I am passionate about and what I believe in.

Feng Y., - 2010 Graduate - Private Practice

Dual License Graduates

"Now that I am in the field, I realize I have the Better education than all the people working with me. I appreciate being "ready" when others are not. I have people who have had their license much longer than me and come to ME for answers to their questions. Thank You.

Shantael C. - 2010 Graduate - Tigerlily Day Spa, Foxboro, MA

"I loved every minute of my experience at the Elizabeth Grady School. I graduated from their Esthetics program and came back for their Massage Program. I not only gained a strong skill level in the spa industry, my self esteem improved, I made friends for life, and I found my passion. I was able to find something that I was great at and truly loved. The teaching staff guided and supported me every step of the way. I highly recommend the Elizabeth Grady's School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy.

Rachael Fay -

"I loved every minute of it!

Katerina P. - 2010 Graduate Elizabeth Grady, Braintree, MA

"All the teachers were very involved and it was clear they were passionate about the field. When I graduated I felt prepared to work in the field and I constantly find myself looking back on the information and techniques I learned while in school to help myself better my practices.

Christine M. - 2009 Graduate Elizabeth Grady, Beverly, MA

"The school has changed who I am as a person and has given me a new perspective on life. I'm so happy I chose Elizabeth Grady as my school. They have given me the tools for my future.

Monique R. - 2010 Graduate - Elements Therapeutic Massage, Stoneham, MA, Oasis Day Spa, Lowell, MA



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