The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy is committed to providing a safe and positive environment to a diverse community of students. We empower students through quality education in Esthetics and Massage Therapy. Emphasis is placed not only on theory and technique but also on personal growth, development of self-awareness, and innovation within the industries. Through technical knowledge and sense of touch, Elizabeth Grady professionals in turn empower the public by promoting whole health, wellness, and beauty from the inside out.


The Elizabeth Grady School opened its doors in 1975 on fashionable Newbury Street in Boston, MA. After opening the first Elizabeth Grady salon in 1974, the company identified the need for quality education in Esthetics. Therefore the Elizabeth Grady School was established.

The Elizabeth Grady Company is also credited with initiating the separation of esthetics education and licensing from that of cosmetology in Massachusetts. The 'Grady Bill' set precedence in the United States whereby other states followed. This division of the beauty industry into areas of specialization in turn created a demand for the higher standards of education that we all benefit from today.

In 1984 the Gillette Corporation acquired Elizabeth Grady and a hair salon chain with the intention of creating a nationwide network. These ventures proved to be a poor fit for Gillette whose management was better suited to mass marketing.In 1990 John P. Walsh, a former student and employee purchased 100 percent of the company and became president, CEO, and sole stockholder of Elizabeth Grady.

Recognizing education as the cornerstone of Elizabeth Grady's success, Mr. Walsh set an objective to further develop the quality of education at the Elizabeth Grady School. Investing in training teachers and moving the Elizabeth Grady School to a more spacious, easily accessible, state-of-the-art facility in 1999 were just two of the many steps taken to enhance the students’ learning experience.

In 2005, the Elizabeth Grady School established and implemented their massage therapy program. The Elizabeth Grady School recognized the changing face (and body) of the industry. The lines between health, beauty, and medicine were fading and moving in a new direction-- wellness and beauty of the whole body and the whole being.

Massage therapy instructors trained at six different massage therapy institutions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York put their experience and education together to create and perfect a therapeutic massage training program like no other. Applying Elizabeth Grady's 30 years of experience training the most sought after estheticians, our massage therapy program prepares graduates to be successful in the growing and competitive business and healing art of massage.

Today, the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy is located at 222 Boston Avenue in Medford, MA near Tufts University. The school awards diplomas to nearly two hundred students each year. Many graduates choose to take advantage of the  opportunity to interview with the Elizabeth Grady Company for employment at one of the ever expanding Elizabeth Grady locations. Other Elizabeth Grady graduates choose to begin their own businesses or gain employment with physicians of various specialties including physical therapists, chiropractors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Some move in a creative direction as a makeup artist or choose to perform skin care, makeup, and/or massage therapy services in other reputable salons and spas.

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