Dual Licensing Programs

In today’s competitive job market employers are looking to hire the best candidates with the most skills. Over the past several years we have witnessed a greater demand for practitioners with multiple licenses. We have seen the changing needs of the industry and have listened to employers. In response, we have created opportunities for our students to complete a combination of programs that award them with Diplomas in Esthetics and Massage Therapy and Certificates in Makeup Artistry and Spa Therapy. In as little as twelve months, graduates may qualify to get licenses in both Massage Therapy and Esthetics. The combined total of 1000 plus hours gives these graduates the competitive edge in today’s industry.

Students may elect to complete back-to-back full-time day progams or a combination of full and part-time schedules.  Contact Admissions at 781-960-0120 for assistance in identifying all of your options and what works best for you. Students who enroll in both programs are given a generous tuition discount,are highly sought after, and possess the ability to offer multi faceted services in a professional setting. 

See Esthetics Licensing Programs and Massage Licensing Programs for more detail about each discipline.



Full-Time Day Esthetics - 600 clock hours (Hybrid)


Three-quarter Time Day Esthetics - 600 clock hours (Hybrid)


Part-Time Evening & Saturday Esthetics - 600 clock hours (Hybrid)



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